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at Interzum 019

Stand B049 hall 7.1

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It is happening in Cologne from the

21st to the 24th of May.

The 019 collection will be presented alongside new designs by kaschkasch and Kamper Form.

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furnipart teams up with award-winning German design duo

Introducing kaschkasch

kaschkasch has been designing for such prominent brands as HAY, normann COPENHAGEN and Zeitraum.


Their sleek and simplistic mode of expression transcends any country-specific preferences and puts aesthetics and usability forward. Their designs RAFT and LUCK, for furnipart’s news collection 2018 and 019collection respectively, are a testimony of their ability to shape the zeitgeist into useable designs.

furnipart collection, Luck 544560160, Design Kaschkasch  

LUCK by kaschkasch


Elegantly curved and ever so light. kaschkasch has worked with geometrical forms when designing LUCK. The slender bar has round edges, and the result is a handle which exudes warmth.

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furnipart collection, Luck 544560032, Design Kaschkasch

LUCK by kaschkasch


Though this knob seems very discrete at

first glance, it really makes quite a

statement when mounted on a front. It is

modern yet classic. It is firm yet floating.

A true design masterpiece.

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New job ?

Supply Chain Analyst ...

Develop the forecasting process and more ...

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Rusticity  revisited

CONCAVE by Hans Sandgren Jakobsen


Inspired by an old Swedish handle for a sliding door, the designer has reinterpreted rusticity resulting in an outline, which is very Danish and simplistic. A pure design interpretation in a modern vintage style, which gives your cabinet fronts a personal touch.

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