Collection 2016/17


great diversity

refinded expressions

Uncomplicated is good. Single follows this line of thinking. The idea of standing on your own is contemporary and cosmopolitan. Why make things more complicated. The concept of standing alone makes choosing from a broad selection easier. Single has a great span of diversity, so go ahead and be tempted by the many varieties, which make room for creating new and refined expressions in both kitchen, bathroom, wardrobe, living room and office.


plurality of design

with a clear relationship

Family - the word says it all. The plurality of the design makes it possible to work with the handle in more ways. In length. In dimension. To feel the handle and see it transformed into a knob. The relation is visible in both lines and shapes. The new handle FOLD represents this concept. As a set of twins in different scales, in light and elegant nuances.


from edge to edge

discrete or visible

For a long time, the trend has dictated handleless kitchens. According to trendsetters, the time has now arrived to discard this rule and go against the flow. The Profile collection highlights the long narrow lines. Adorn the front of a cabinet - discretely or visibly - with Profile. The material aluminium is suitable on 5, 6 or 7 mm fronts. See further technical specifications on the inside of the catalogue’s cover or contact furnipart for further information.


an everlasting

historical echo

Vintage has really taken root. The collection keeps growing. We love to play with the historical look and the patina of the antique colours in grey, brown and copper. The personally interpreted expression is full of character and a witness of a time that was and will be in years to come. A nice, warm atmosphere with an everlasting historical echo.


less is more

understated and quiet

Less is more. Knobs are just so. Though small in size, Knobs do make quite a presence on a surface - understated and quiet. The simplicity and calmness creates a harmonius expression. The grip is rather unique - firm and soft. Use the different diametres of Knobs as a tuner to define the amount of attention to be put on Knobs. Knobs can handle it.


does something

others cannot

Recessed does something others cannot do. It can be fully integrated on all fronts making the overall expression come together. Holistic and harmonious and some with surprising moving parts which open up from whichever angle the handle is used. Without a sound, of course. Let Recessed create coherence between functionality and design.


the mother handle

the foundation

steady as a rock

Basic is the one to turn to when everything else fails. Steady as a rock. Everlasting and coming to the rescue. A classic - or evergreen if you will - which suits any surface. Not all handles can be in Basic’s company. For the same reason, Basic does not unfold in either width or depth but rests in being the mother handle which can stand on its own or be paired with other handles from the collection.

08.Spot on


special edition

With Spot on - our selection of aluminium handles - we have aimed to please regarding both design, selection and price. We are very happy about the result and the value these handles add to the room, in which they are placed. So go ahead and put Spot on aluminium from this special edition.




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