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Sustainability and furnipart

We want to show future generations that you can borrow resources instead of using them – it is as simple as that.


As of November 2018, all furnipart’s aluminium profiles have been Cradle to Cradle certified at bronze level according to the Cradle to CradleTM standard.


The Cradle to CradleTM certification ensures that our production facility’s environmental footprint is kept as small as possible, and it makes our transition to a circular economy visible and well-documented.



Because less bad

does not make good


Cradle to CradleTM is a new way of thinking design. Instead of the old Cradle to Grave paradigm, Cradle to CradleTM strives to make every product a resource of something new at the end of a product’s life cycle.


This thought is especially compelling to us, as we want not only to reduce negative impact but rather ensure that we contribute positively.



Why The Cradle to CradleTM Product Standard


The Cradle to CradleTM Product Standard provides designers and manufacturers with criteria and requirements for continually improving what products are made of and how they are made.


The Cradle to Cradle Certified™ mark provides consumers, regulators, employees, and industry peers with a clear, visible, and tangible validation of a manufacturer’s ongoing commitment to sustainability and to their communities.


To hold an internationally recognised certificate tells our customers that we walk the talk.

Even though we have achieved both silver and gold level in some categories, we are placed at bronze level. This way, the Cradle to CradleTM Product Standard keeps us focussed on improving the way we do business all the time.



The certificate


Every single step of the production of our aluminium profiles has been scrutinised and assessed according to the Cradle to CradleTM Product Standard.


This means that our production facility has been inspected at every level regarding parameters such as:



  • Material health – every component down to chemical level has been assessed and no hazardous elements have been found

  • Material reutilisation – our profiles can be reused in new technical cycles


  • Renewable energy – we strive to use renewable energy and support renewable energy projects


  • Water stewardship – effluent is kept in a closed loop system


  • Social fairness – we actively conduct a social project that positively impacts employee’s lives regarding health insurance and wage level



If the Cradle to CradleTM concept becomes an integrated part of how we design our products, we can eventually end the Cradle to Grave way of thinking: all products could be a resource of something new.


We would like that.


What now


furnipart has started a strategic cooperation with the Danish Cradle to CradleTM assessor Vugge til Vugge Danmark and developed a roadmap in compliance with the standard set by the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute. This has been done to ensure the continuous focus and improvement of our production methods and CSR. We must be able to document our improvement of every single parameter every alternate year to get


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