Rasmus Byriel
ceo & partner
Collection 2016/17
A world of opportunities
to be unique
In 2016 we will strive to be unique… or so the professionals say when asked. furnipart has done just so - asked a professional. We have talked to the Danish interior stylist Pernille Vest. She works with all the latest design trends. She sees trends, before they are here, and interprets them in her own way, before showing them to the public through interior magazines and now in on our site and catalogue.  Read her message.
impression - discretely and quietly - from edge to edge, with surprising functions, a historical echo and in different materials and finishes.   A world of opportunities to be unique.   Personality also counts in 016·17. We reveal the personality behind our designers and challenge them with questions which, when answered, can tell us a bit about the person behind the designs.    Read their unique answers.
At the end of the day, we all would like to feel somewhat unique. Especially when we make an effort. Do our utmost. With the furnipart collection 016·17, we have done our utmost to create unique handles. Without sounding too self absorbed, we honestly think we have managed to create a unique collection of handles. Never before has the collection been so varied and holistic. Full of opportunities to make both an expression and




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