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Historical highlights


All businesses start out small. That is a truth furnipart’s founder & Chairman Lars Ole Hansen can relate to. He sets up his business at home, where two bedrooms are converted into offices with only one employee.

A collection of wooden handles in teak, rosewood, oak, maple and beech is launched. Target markets are furniture factories

and wholesalers.


Ambitions go further. furnipart grows and moves into larger rented premises. The company now occupies a total of 160 square metres.

Plastic handles represent the biggest range produced by furnipart, using furnipart tools. Together with profiles, knobs and metal handles, they form the collection, which is sold primarily to manufacturing and

trading companies within the European furniture industry.


furnipart invests heavily in designing its own range of handles, which is produced using furnipart tools. The foundation for all current and future handle collections

is laid.

The handles are now produced in metal.

founder & chariman, Lars Ole Hansen

founder & chariman Lars Ole Hansen


More space is needed. The company employs 6 people and builds a new 600 square metre building functioning as head office and factory.

Outsourcing increases the need for warehouse capacity. Architect Tommy Falch is asked to design furnipart’s current head office and warehouse on a 10,000 square metre site in Hinnerup, north of Aarhus.


As demand and turnover grow, production is outsourced, though still using furnipart’s designs and tools.


The handles Bridge and Melon are created (and to this day, they continue to be amongst furnipart's bestsellers).

Development of new handles intensifies, and intellectual property rights are ensured globally.


Annual handle collections are created in partnership with national and international designers.


Standards for quality assurance and management become another focal point. Quality control personnel are hired to be present during production in order to monitor production processes. They become an important supplement to furnipart’s own steadily growing set-up for quality management, which includes a laboratory for performing tests etc.


furnipart is market leader within Northern Europe.

Turnover surpasses a two-figure million Euros amount.

Through a network of distributors in over 50 countries, the handle collection is now sold worldwide, primarily to the kitchen and bathroom industry.


Gradual change of ownership is initiated. Rasmus Byriel joins furnipart as partner and CEO. Lars Ole Hansen steps down from his day-to-day management activities to handle sales in the Far East. He maintains his position as Chairman of the Board.

The warehouse in Hinnerup proves to be too small, and an additional storage and retrieval system is being added to the building.

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