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furnipart presented a completely new habit with its new /20-21 collection.


furnipart has collaborated with Danish design studio Steffensen & Würtz, to create a design that most of us did not even realise we needed, and which signifies a completely new era for the handleless kitchen market. The new design is called HABIT, an ingenious solution to a well-known issue in many homes that have handleless units and drawers in their kitchens. Small in size but big in stature, this design with its ribbed surface, functions as a visual identifier, showing where the user must press the front of the unit or drawer to open it. It creates a completely new habit, hence the name, HABIT.


The design solves two well-known issues in handleless kitchens, and it is the answer to the prayers of every designer creating handleless kitchens today.



























“One of our employees is a former kitchens sales professional and she knows how many handleless kitchens are sold and the issues that handleless kitchen owners face. We’ve all experienced the problem of being a guest in someone else’s home and stressing out trying to find out how to open the units or drawers in their kitchen. This is the problem we have sought to eliminate with HABIT,” says Pia Würtz Mogensen, designer at Steffensen & Würtz.


HABIT also eliminates dirty and greasy marks left on the front of units and drawers by people’s fingers. For many years kitchen design solutions have generally favoured high-gloss kitchen units and drawers, which are susceptible to dirty and greasy marks left behind by people’s fingers. The same problem exists with the coloured kitchen unit and drawer fronts that are so popular today. Most kitchen owners share this frustration, but now the frustration is over with furnipart’s ingenious handle design solution – HABIT.

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furnipart news. SICAM 2019 in Pordenone, Italy. It is happening from the 15 to the 18  of October.

Cast iron evokes memories of something original and reminiscence of French country style

Tradition and history can be brought to life in many ways in a design. The reference can be in the design itself, but with CAST IRON 2 the material has been key. These designs are new interpretations which ...

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EDGE STRAIGHT going tone-on-tone. Three new finishes. Compliment the Egger cabinet colours.  S2005 – Beige  S5000 – Grey  S8000 – Anthracite
furnipart collection, Bench 442320100-76, Design Adam Laws

BENCH by Adam Laws


100mm Bench

The 100mm version makes the profile seem delicate and let it fit in anywhere.

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Design and finish

in perfect harmony

Admitted; we have a thing for brass. The finish has an ability to bring a design to life thus making it stand out and become a design element in its own right.


Several of our designs are now available in brass,and who knows; there might be more coming.

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The black finish

55 different designs – that is just how many we offer in black.


In everything from black ceramic to cast iron, the colour will make sure to add a

certain edge to your home interior.

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