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- Primo is a strong and robust design in both a visual and technical sense. The form is unique for a profile handle in an area where subtle variations are common. The design solves a number of technical shortcomings that are inherent in other profile handles.


The concept was to design a versatile profile handle that was not limited in application by panel thickness.  Form inspiration came from Industrial chic, commercial kitchens and linear building trends in architecture.



Although not a conscious

decision, the front grip and downward rake resemble a breaking wave - perhaps at some level the design shares a

common inspiration with the handle Malibu!

The visually continuous edge creates a strong linear statement.  Installation requires standard fasteners - no panel profiling is necessary and the design is suited to mounting on any panel

thickness or size. Where  necessary length can be adjusted  to align with the panel edge  radius. The challenge was to

create a full width handle mounted on the panel front rather than an edge and also still provide swing clearance for an opening door. Primo achieves this by combining the unique extrusion profile with an end shape that tapers to minimal thickness. The profile requires sufficient thread depth and distance from the panel edge for the fasteners. Several variations were evaluated to establish the best fastener location, visual proportions and grip.

Adam Laws :


The challenge was to

create a full width handle mounted on the panel front.

furnipart designer adam laws


Adam Laws





 Adam Laws






 66 - Inox look




Centre distance

x153 - 2x85 - 2x110 - 2x135 - 2x160 - 3x123 - 3x156 - 4x167 - 6x145


1189 - 289 - 339 - 389 - 439 - 489 - 589 - 789 - 989










furnipart, profile collection, Primo 424020xxx

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