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All of the products that are sent from the furnipart warehouse in Hinnerup have been carefully designed and created in close dialogue with both Danish and international designers.

Our ability to identify new trends and our understanding of how these trends can best be realised in a design is due to our creative team, who are passionate about design and styling. We take the trends we identity in society and transform them into a design proposal for our designers. 

We have an idea of where we want to head and we give our designers the freedom to create designs with personal interpretations of the trends we identify.  This working process means that time and time again, furnipart designs are trendsetting for the entire industry.

Never doubt for a second that we are a Danish design company. Danish design tradition is deeply rooted in our DNA and it is what makes our designs so recognisable.

Despite the different looks, a handle or knob from furnipart always radiates a kind of serenity that comes from the well-thought-out details and clean lines. Nothing is left to chance.

We see time after time, that a small design detail such as a handle, often ends up capturing the greatest attention in a new kitchen or bathroom. It is the small details that help to emphasise the style that you have chosen in your home and that attention must be rewarded with a beautiful design. This is what our work is based on and it is the driving force behind all of our collections.

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