Bohemian-style interiors

Find inspiration for creating a bohemian-style interior

Creating a bohemian-style interior for your home means you have a great deal of freedom to experiment with colours and textures.



furnipart bohemian-style handles and knobs provide a varied mix of fine and playful designs, which allow you to be creative. A design like BEAD STRAIGHT, designed by VE2, has a very traditional look and will therefore be prefect in a more traditional kitchen but when it is used in an another interior, the knob’s colour defines and transforms it into a fun and different design element. 

BOUNCE is designed by our design partner Steffensen & Würtz, and is available as a handle and a knob.  Both designs have a voluminous and round shape. At first glance both the handle and knob appear very simple, with a light look, but on closer inspection the details reveal them to be dynamic and living design objects, which can add a twist and fine detail to an interior. 

At the end of the day, the bohemian-style interior is about how you use our designs. Bohemian-style is about allowing every design element its own space so it can unfold, and not necessarily taking into consideration how the different elements in the interior design match each other. Every simple one of our Bohemian-inspired designs have earned their moment in the spotlight.

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