Industrial-style interiors

Find inspiration for creating industrial-style interiors

The raw interior, the distinctive lines and dark colours – all of this creates a recognisable industrial-style interior. Our industrial-style handles all have a special look. They radiate robustness and simplicity, making them a natural choice in a modern and functional home that has a more raw and industrial-style interior. 

And who says the industrial look only suits the functional and spartan? If you want to create a contrast with a more romantic interior, using industrial elements is the ideal choice. Industrial-style designs from furnipart provide authenticity and originality to an interior and harmonise well with the romantic, rustic look, which is found in for example, country kitchens.

HARLEQUIN and LINEAR are beautiful examples of a handle that functions perfectly in supporting an industrial look or which can create contrast to a romantic style. The design’s ‘weight’ radiates rawness and authenticity, while the patterns provide the processing that creates a bridge between the workshop and the home.


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