news collection 2022

/by furnipart

As always, we’re excited once again to bring out latest range;  news collection 2022/ by furnipart.  This collection demonstrates a variety of new and diverse designs from our creative partners. 
The collection consists of 18 brand-new handles, knobs, and profiles in materials such as aluminium, solid wood and zamac.  The news collection 2022/ by furnipart gives interior designers a real opportunity to make a statement by focussing on the smaller details and recognising how they can completely transform the look and feel of a home.  While being inherently unique, it’s not difficult to spot each designer’s unmistakable signature flair throughout this collection; we sincerely hope you’re as inspired by this range as we are.  

Welcome to the news collection 2022/ by furnipart. 

Find the complete list of products here


Artisan is a handle with a refined design idiom. It presents simple, almost jewellery-like processing that produces an ultra-slim and delicate expression. The distinguishing features of the handle are its soft lines that mirror the lines on the piece of furniture it graces, generating a sense of calm.



Delicate yet strong, D-lite is a modern classic inspired by the familiar and versatile “D” handle. Refined and perfectly proportioned it is at home in any environment and on any surface.

Adam Laws

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