news collection 2022

/by furnipart

As always, we’re excited once again to bring out latest range;  news collection 2022/ by furnipart.  This collection demonstrates a variety of new and diverse designs from our creative partners. 
The collection consists of 18 brand-new handles, knobs, and profiles in materials such as aluminium, solid wood and zamac.  The news collection 2022/ by furnipart gives interior designers a real opportunity to make a statement by focussing on the smaller details and recognising how they can completely transform the look and feel of a home.  While being inherently unique, it’s not difficult to spot each designer’s unmistakable signature flair throughout this collection; we sincerely hope you’re as inspired by this range as we are.  

Welcome to the news collection 2022/ by furnipart. 

Find the complete list of products here


Some handles are made unique by their surprising details or use of unconventional shapes. Tug is an easily installed and rear mounted ring designed by Steffensen & Würtz, and it goes without saying that it is most definitely a unique approach.

Steffensen & Würtz


Inside is the only metal handle by kaschkasch within this collection. At first glance, it looks like a classic d-handle, but upon closer inspection it has an incredibly tactile design which makes use of opposing concaved and convexed geometric shapes.



Carve is design studio Kamper Form‘s play on how to utilise positive and negative space
within a design.

Kamper Form

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