2022 collection

As always, we’re excited once again to bring out latest range;  news collection 2022/ by furnipart.  This collection demonstrates a variety of new and diverse designs from our creative partners. 


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The complete range


The complete range - ENG


Long Handles

Our collection of long handles accommodates the need of handles for tall cabinets and closet doors. Emphasising the vertical lines of tall fronts, our long handles are a graphic design statement with a clear functionality. 


Long Handles - ENG




Manor shows in this leaflet its majesty and exclusivity. All handles in the collection are designed by Jakob Kamper.


Manor - ENG


A Journey Towards Sustainable Handles

In this e-book you can follow along on our continuous journey towards sustainable handles.

this is just the beginnig - ENG


Polished Brass

Our complete collection of handles in untreated lead-free brass is presented in this leaflet.


Polished Brass - ENG


Edge Straight

A presentation of one of our bestselling profiles in nine non-coated surfaces. 

EDGE STRAIGHT is available in different lengths (the new 100 mm is not shown here) and in a wide selection of colours, so this profile is prefect in any interior.


Edge Straight - ENG





Edge Straight - New Colours

EDGE STRAIGHT has three new family members. The three painted surfaces are created to match the same colors from Egger 1:1.
EDGE STRAIGHT in the painted surfaces comes in the same four lengths as the other EDGE STRAIGHT.


Edge Straight New Colours - ENG


Blaze 2

BLAZE 2 is designed by our Italian design partner Meneghello Paolelli Associati. The profile is available in three different lengths and in four different colours.


Blaze 2 - ENG


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