Long handles

Our collection of long handles accommodates the need of handles for tall cabinets and closet doors. Emphasizing the vertical lines of tall fronts, our long handles are a graphic design statement with clear functionality. These handles are not meant to be hidden though they can be discrete. 

We offer Big, Edge Straight, Mango, Èlan and Regular2 in lengths from 512 mm up to 1200 mm. 

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Èlan is a characteristic elegant handle with a fine closed outline. A delicate balance between functionality and a complete stylish expression, where the design is defined by the details in the soft rounded edges – precisely executed with a beautiful finish.



Edge Straight

Inspiration for Edge Straight came from the desire to design the ultimate edge mounted profile handle. Edge Straight has timeless elegance and an excellent grip. It is versatile, easy to install on standard panel thicknesses and economical to produce in a range of lengths and finishes.

More information about the product can be seen here.


Mango is an easy-going and practical handle. It doesn’t make too much noise and has a soft yet tight exterior. When you play with the different colours of this design, you can really make it stand out.

More information about Mango here.

Big & Regular 2

Cut-to-size handles

Both Big and Regular 2 can be cut to the size to suit your needs. The tube is easily cut, and the closed end brackets are designed to cover any cutting marks. Extra-long handles can be made by connecting tube lengths using the connector which is supportive and hides the tube joints. These handles are the perfect finishing touch to a bold interior design.

Long Handles

Our collection of long handles accommodates the need of handles for tall cabinets
and closet doors. Emphasising the vertical lines of tall fronts, our long handles are
a graphic design statement with a clear functionality. 

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