Meike Neuhaus

A small house on the edge of the forest forms the inspiring setting for designer Meike Neuhaus’ aesthetic creations. Meike Neuhaus, the founder of neuhaus industrial design (2003), works best with all her versatile 
designs in a calm and peaceful environment. 

This natural environment inspires Meike Neuhaus to create such things as scenography for TV, stands for trade fairs and events, interior design, product design such as exclusive furniture handles and machine houses for components in plant construction. The challenging versatility is what Meike Neuhaus appreciates in her work above all else.

The goal of Meike Neuhaus, who is a trained cabinetmaker with a degree in Industrial Design, is to create something unique. Meike Neuhaus’ talent, specialist knowledge and execution are all interdependent; every design piece is as unmistakable and characterful as the respective customer.

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Designs af Meike Neuhaus

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