Whistleblowing Channel at furnipart 

At furnipart we value high business ethics, respect and safety. To ensure and maintain customer and public confidence in us, this whistleblower channel has been established. As an employee or external stakeholder, you can use this channel to report serious matters anonymously or if you have reasonable suspicion of such matters.

As we operate with an open door policy we encourage you first and foremost to contact a manager in furnipart. However, if you fell this is not an option for you, please use this channel, where all concerns are handled in confidence.

You can submit information about reprehensible matters or report actions that are unethical, illegal or in violation of internal policies. This channel is established to bring matters to light that would not otherwise have come to light.

By writing to whistleblower@furnipart.com you will report confidentially to a board member at furnipart.

All inquiries and reports are treated with the upmost confidentiality and security. You decide, if you wish your report to be handled 100% anonymously.

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