Unsurpassed furnipart quality

A furnipart handle is characterised by unsurpassed quality. Quality that can be seen
and felt. Nothing is left to chance when it comes to our handles. The design process
takes six months and includes a large number of processes that ensure the end
product meets our stringent quality requirements. Every single one of our handles
undergoes a large number of tests, carried out in production
and at our own laboratory in Hinnerup.

Most production setups only focus on carrying out the mandatory 48-hour salt
spray/salt solution test. We see that test solely as a supplement and we have trained
our production personnel to carry out the same tests that we carry out at our laboratory
in Denmark.

These tests include surface tests with the most common chemicals that are used
in kitchens. Citric acid, alcohol and acetone are just some of the chemicals that are
applied to the handles to test their resistance.

We also carry out cross-cut tests – both with and without water – to test the adhesion of the lacquer to the handle. If the results do not lie within a given tolerance, we are notified
and a new pilot production must be carried out. We do all of this to ensure that the
handle meets the standards that an original handle from furnipart must meet.

Once a handle has been approved, we receive the handles from production, where
we carry out random testing of the items that we receive.

Our quality control team are extremely thorough in their work. The surfaces on all
of our handles are inspected to ensure that both colour and gloss is exactly right.
By checking colour and gloss, our customers are ensured that our products are the
same every time.

Every single one of our handles undergoes a large number of tests, carried out in
production and at our own laboratory in Hinnerup.

Very few people give much thought to drilling holes but if it is not done properly it
can be noticeable and the fitting of the handle can be made difficult. This why our
quality team also test drilled holes on all handles.

Once all of the processes have been inspected and the results of the tests are satisfactory,
the results are documented using a reference test handle, which future products
are measured against. This means that we carry out incoming goods inspection
on every shipment of handles that arrive from our production facility to ensure that
the handles that we receive meet the set standards for the given design.

ISO9001 certification

That we do everything to ensure high quality in our operations and daily work is nothing
new. We have always valued that highly. What is new, however, is that we now have proof
of it. We can officially call ourselves ISO 9001 certified, and we are proud of it.
This recognition confirms our commitment to quality and effective management. Through
careful planning and implementation of systematic processes, furnipart has achieved the
high standard in quality management. The certification underscores our dedication to
delivering products of the highest quality and strengthens the trust of our customers and
business partners.
At furnipart, we remain dedicated to meeting and exceeding expectations while
continuing to strive for outstanding quality and service.

Checking and inspection thus does not end after the first delivery. It is an ongoing
procedure that guarantees uniformity in the products that we supply.

In this way, we avoid deviations in our production runs. If a colour or surface does
not comply with the defined standard, the handles are sent back to production. The
handles that leave our warehouse must be no less than perfect.

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