At furnipart, we believe in the power of design and how it can transform a room. That's why we've gone on a design journey together with Lise Vandborg, a recognized influencer known for her unique style and passion for interior design. Together we bring you a captivating universe that unites style, inspiration and innovation.

Lise Vandborg has an extraordinary eye for details and an ability to create harmonious and inviting spaces. Her ability to put elements together effortlessly is fitting perfectly along with our mission to deliver quality products with aesthetic appeal.

Her creativity and expertise will demonstrate how our handles and knobs can elevate any space and add the perfect finishing touch.

Lise has been exploring furnipart's large selection of kitchen handles and furniture knobs and her love has fallen on 10 beautiful handles and knobs.

Get ready to be inspired when Lise shares her design tips, personal favorites and behind-the-scenes moments with furniparts products. Be ready to witness the magic, as she transforms ordinary spaces into extraordinary ones, all with the help of our collection.

Follow Lise's Instagram profile @lisevandborg.


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