Fringe is a modern, Scandinavian interpretation of the old Industrial handles we know from furniture in old workshops and archives. As the name Fringe implies, the design’s most noticeable feature is the Fringe which gives it character when looked at sideways. This Fringe makes a soft but precise outline, which runs through the length of the handle. Additionally, the handle draws a calm and clear surface towards the user thus making the overall expression in the kitchen both beautiful and harmonious.

Centre Distance

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76 - Brushed matt black


Material Aluminium
Product Type Handle
Item Number 442220160-76
Centre Distance 160 mm
Length 170 mm
Height 25,9 mm
Width 30,4 mm
Finish 76 - Brushed matt black


VE2 is Morten Lauritzen and Hugo Dines Schmidt. Founded in 2007, the design studio is located in Aarhus. Both designers are graduates of Aarhus School of Architecture and they focus on durable designs which are based on quality, honesty and the designs’ ability to create aesthetic and functional value for the user. Since its foundation, the studio has earned huge respect at home and abroad for brands such as Zone Denmark and Skagerak. VE2 primarily works in product design and interior design, ideally in the intersection between these two fields, since products always have an impact on the interior in which they are placed. VE2 has been a regular design partner for furnipart for many years and has designed many of our most popular handles and knobs.


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