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Wood is a new collection of wooden handles and wooden knobs. It has been crucial for us that the wood for these products is from sustainable forestry, and we are pleased to say that all wood used in these designs is FSC certified. In addition, we have worked to ensure that the design should have a reference back to the proud Danish joinery traditions - this can be seen, among other things, in the beautiful pin joints in the design of the JOIN handles and JOIN knobs.
We hope you will like the new collection.

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This d-handle comes from the idea of combining two materials – wood and metal. The part you touch is made of wood which brings warmth and a pleasant feel. The metal feet brings precision and an exciting mix of materials.


Glove unites material and shape in the best possible way, which ensures a perfect grip.


For this wooden handle we looked at the beauty and statement of traditional wood joints. It's a wooden interpretation of a well known classic rail handle – the round shape makes it comfortable and practical to grab and gives the handle its very own dna.

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